Client: Zoe
Goal: Increase strength and stamina to re-join martial arts


What were your fitness & health goals & why?

My fitness health and goals were to increase my strength and stamina enough so that I could rejoin a martial arts (which I had done during my high school years) and keep up in the classes.

How do you feel training with a PT helped you?

I wasn’t initially going to have a personal trainer, as I didn’t want to “get buff” or lose a drastic amount of weight, and I still wanted to be flexible enough to go the moves fluently. I got a free trial session and consultation through a friend of mine that was going to the gym and had a personal trainer, and thought I might as well ask and see. Then I met Patricia, who was the exact perfect trainer for what I was looking for.

She was a national Karate champion and knew how to train people with martial arts as the focus, and assured me that my training sessions would revolve around improving my technique. I had many fun sparing sessions with Patty 🙂

What do you feel was the most important factor in helping you accomplish your goals?

The most important factor was the constant support from Patty reminding me to keep up my weekly cardio, and her watching and correcting my technique.

What challenged you the most and was your biggest roadblock to overcome and achieve your goals?

The biggest challenge was juggling my work life and my time for training.

What are some tips you can give other people who want to achieve their health & fitness goals?

Keep at it and don’t give up, find the balance between work and health goals, you will feel a lot more relaxed. Listen to your trainer haha! they know what they are talking about!

What are your future fitness plans & new goals?

I want to continue to improve my Taekwondo, compete in some tournaments and become quicker during sparing matches.

Zoe’s Testimonial

success-story-zoe-certificatePatricia was a really good trainer for me. I lived in the suburbs and at Vision Personal Training (where Patty was located was in the city on Clarence St), she would help me out by suggesting workouts and things that I could do near my house. Once when it was raining she texted me a workout routine that I could do in the space of my living room! She would give me tips on how I could practice my technique at home, and take videos of my movements so I could see how my form was coming along, and would make sure I kept up the practice by constantly checking on my progress.

Patty was a well of wisdom when it came to a healthy eating plan that focused on my training and health (that also had some quick meals for when I come home late). She showed me the importance of protein to help with muscle recovery, and helped me balance the right levels I needed, dispelling many of the myths about weights and protein – you won’t turn into an over abundant muscle person, just because you do some weights and have a protein focused diet! Lean is the way to go! I feel so much healthier, happier and confident. 

Thanks Patty! 🙂

I would like to thank Zoe for being such an amazing client! She inspired me to finally get back in to my training again. I’m working hard towards my next goal of getting  a black belt!