My first blog post and my first fitness model competition

I’ve committed to entering a fitness model competition in September this year. Stay tuned to my blog to keep track of my journey!

My dreams of entering the National Karate Championships were delayed

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always challenged myself to reach my full potential. One of my earliest memories of challenging myself goes back to when I first took up a competitive sport, Karate, back home in Chile.

My cousin was begging me to go along with them so I decided to go along and see what it was all about. It became something I really enjoyed and after years of training I ended up getting to competition level entering various tournaments.

I was preparing myself for the AKF National Karate Championships in August this year until very recently when I injured my lower back. This was a major setback for me because I was mentally focused on reaching my goal of entering the national comp.

Fitness Modelling Competition – the new challenge!

2011 inba nat univ

I recently had the opportunity to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sydney during his Australian speaking tour. It was a tough day as we had to wait over 7 hours for him to finally come out on stage and present, but during that time I was able to hang out with my friends and colleagues – (oh, and the wait was well worth it! so inspiring).

One of the conversations I had with a colleague ultimately led to me considering doing a fitness model competition. He suggested that I could enter a figure competition and I didn’t hesitate for a moment in agreeing (I’m always ready for anything jajaja!!)

It was the perfect opportunity for me to replace my Karate Kid dreams with a new challenge of entering a fitness modelling competition in September and held by the International Bodybuilding Association (Australia). With my training I could work around my back injury and it wouldn’t stop me from getting the results I wanted to achieve.

Competition Preparation: Nutrition

As you would expect, training for a bodybuilding competition is not easy – but who ever achieved anything without a bit of hard work? I am up for it! I’ve always been very active and energetic with sports and outdoor / recreational activities and haven’t specifically had to go on a diet in order to achieve my health goals ever before. Nutrition is so so important, so for the first time ever I will be following a very strict diet.

I am a personal trainer and because 70% of your weight loss and body transformation results come from nutrition I’m constantly on my clients back telling them to eat clean  and giving them meal plans that will help them get the results they want. I see this competition as a way to ‘get in their shoes’ and see what it’s like to go through the process of strict diet in order to reach a weight loss / toning goal.

IMG_4815I have begun my dieting with 2 weeks of strictly protein and only carbohydrates through non-starchy vegetables and salad. My meals take a lot of time to prepare as I have to eat 5-6 meals a day.

To put myself on a level ground with the other girls competing I’m also taking a number of supplements to help me get the best result in the 12 week period. I’ll share with you more information about my nutrition in a future blog post.

Competition Preparation: Training

Being a personal trainer I am very fortunate to have the support of other trainers at my gym to help me with my training.

I’m training 4 days per week focusing on strength and conditioning. My weights sessions usually go for 1 hour and beyond that I am doing just 1 day a week of cardio to help me shred down. I’ll post up more about my training plan soon.

Competition Preparation: Posing & Presentation

dana-carmont-bikiniThis part is the part I have the least amount of experience with so I really needed to do my research. I came across a “Get Comp Ready Workshop” being held by Dana Carmont who is a bikini designer and body reshaping coach and will be going along to learn everything I can about the process!

The day involves Dana sharing her experience around the judging criteria for comps, eating plans, training and posing – the critical knowledge I’ll need to do well in the competition.

Presentation is also so important so I’ll be spending time in the afternoon picking a bikini and other accessories to help me look my best on the day.

Stay tuned for more progress updates!

Thanks for reading my first blog post!! I’ll be keeping you updated throughout the competition when I can. I hope my blog posts will inspire other people who are also considering to compete. If you are planning to compete soon or have competed in the past I would love to hear from you in the comments below!